Fallow Deer

(Dama dama)

The Trophy

A typical Fallow Deer trophy is one to which the international evaluation method in its entirety can be applied. The formation of symmetric beams with brow and tray tines as well as a complete palm, is typical for the antlers of Dama Dama. So for Fallow Deer antlers, if both brow tines or a brow tine and a tray tine are missing this must be regarded as atypical and excluded from the evaluation.

Tines are only considered to be missing if they have not begun to be formed at all, broken tines are no reason to classify a trophy as atypical.

Other flaws, especially in the palm formation, are taken into account during the evaluation.

Key Features For Measuring Antlers

  • To achieve bronze medal status, a Fallow buck trophy should have an antler length of about 60 cm, brow tines of about 16 cm, palmation length of around 30 cm, with the width of palmation being around 14 cm. Circumference of coronets should be around 20 cm with the lower beam measurements of about 12 cm. 

  • A dry net weight of around 3 Kg is desired. Deficiencies in one area may be counteracted by increases in others, thus  still ensuring that a medal category is reached.
  • Fallow Deer antlers must have a dry out period (after preparation) of at least 30 days before evaluation.

Trophy Points Required





Fallow Deer




Weight Deductions



Full skull

- 0.25 Kg

Long nose

- 0.10 Kg

Short nose


Skull cap


161.96 CIC
161.96 CIC

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