All Change !

CWD Measurement Revision 2023

A revised formula and new scoring levels for the evaluation of Chinese Water Deer has been approved by the International Trophy Evaluation Board of the CIC at its 2023 meeting. This will be implemented from 1 November 2023, the beginning of the new Chinese Water Deer season.

Long established in Eastern England, British Chinese Water Deer now account for a significant percentage of the world total and represent a genetic variation sadly now long extinct over its native range.

In the UK the Chinese Water Deer has become increasing popular with home based and visiting stalkers. However, the current formula has increasingly produced a surplus of gold medals, particularly amongst juveniles, in direct contradiction to all the other CIC formulas which are designed to favour mature animals above immature specimens.

The new formula retains the key parameters from the original, with tusks being measured for length and circumference. Three additional scoring parameters will now be applied however, with points being awarded for elements which are indicators of maturity. These are:

a. Thickening and calcification of the tusk roots,

b. Presence of the incisal nerve in each tusk, and

c. An addition for both tusk roots being fully closed.

There will no longer be a deduction applied for differences between tusk lengths and circumferences.  Juvenile bucks, those with with hollow tusks/open roots, will no longer be eligible for evaluation.

With the increase in available points, the score levels have been increased to Bronze 220, Silver 250 and Gold 280.  


26 Sep 23